I can smell summer

The weather is starting to warm up and it’s beautiful. I feel like a lizard who no longer needs to lie in the same to feel warm but suddenly there’s no longer ice in my veins and I start to become alive!

Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but I do think I’ve been cold for the longest time and now that I can feel my fingers and toes when I wake up in the morning I can start to move and do.

Including doing some sewing. Yes sure my back hated me for a few days afterwards, but I had a pretty dress to take my mind off it.

I bought Tilly & the Button’s Love at First Stitch book and successfully made a Megan dress!!!!
Look at me and my work elevator selfies.
Unfortunately this is the best photograph I took, and as the dress is currently on my floor-drobe in a pile and the fabric requires ironing, it may be the best photo there is for a while.

There are still some problems with it. The biggest one is that it’s made from fabric that you need to iron and ironing clothes isn’t high on my list of favourite tasks.
Secondly the way I’ve gathered the sleeves makes my shoulders look *really* wide and the high neckline makes my boobs look *huge*. The last thing I need is to look wider.
And thirdly I used the wrong type of stabiliser for the collar which makes it really scratchy and stiff. I may just cut that off to make it a bit more wearable.

But like anything these were opportunities for improvement and I have another Megan dress already cut out, in a different fabric, with a modification to the collar and sleeves.

So I’m looking forward to sewing that together and seeing if my “improvements” help the dress. I kinda freehanded the drafting of neckline….
Sewing needs a bit more precision than I usual have.



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