FO 17, 18, & 19 – loose ends

What a productive weekend! It was all about tying up loose ends and finishing off projects.

I found the perfect project for my Downton Abbey and tea yarn club yarn. This is some seriously gorgeous yarn, but it needed the right project.

The weeble wobble cowl was the answer.
I didn’t follow the pattern. I just did some short rows when I felt like it.




I also finally sewed some buttons on a chunky cable cowl that I finished ages ago but it’s a bit short. So I bought some buttons and sewed it together.



I also finished off a hat for a birthday present. When you immediately get a photo of the birthday boy I think it’s been well received.




It’s Friday!

Firstly some housekeeping.
I have recently changed my ravelry name. Instead of rainruinedclothes I am now known as bekswhoknits.
It makes my rav name the same as my twitter name plus means I don’t have to explain about rainruinedclothes (Editors lyrics from the song The Big Exit).

I’ve also recently updated my about page. I hadn’t updated my old one since I started this blog and it was out of date, and a little old.
I’ve also been mushy and sappy and given my partner in crime a new code name – HeWhoFishes.
He is such a big part of my real life and a tiny little part of my blog and I want to fix that. Giving him his own persona will hopefully help.

Secondly I have to share a recipe with you. Ian Hewittson is an Australian TV chef who is a bit of a Ron Swanson type.
Hewhofishes and I watched this just before going to bed last night and we were in hysterics.
With the focus of many TV chefs these days being healthy but tasty food, Huey has stayed true to the food he’s been cooking on TV for 20 years.
So for some unknown reason we can’t help but find it amusing when Huey adds a bit more butter, or sprays a mixture of butter, cheese, and breadcrumbs with olive oil spray for good measure.
So this breakfast just spoke to us. The final straw was when he served it with iceberg lettuce and mustard dressing, the mustard dressing including a cup of vegetable oil. And then he called it a ‘light breakfast’
And he is probably the only TV show I know that if you post a stamped self address envelope to their address, they will post you back the recipes. Its a delightful pre-internet concept.

Huey’s Light Breakfast
Brown onion and bacon. Add chopped sausages.
Top with cheese and breadcrumbs, salt and pepper.
Make a indent and break eggs on top.
Add more cheese and breadcrumbs.
Spray with olive oil
Bake in a hot oven for 20minutes or until golden.

Sounds delicious.

On the knitting front, I have had a bad case of cast-on-itis. Where nothing I already have on my needles seems right so in casting on something new. This one in particular I love the yarn, love the pattern, but not the combination. But I don’t know whether to frog or continue.


While I think about that decision I started a crochet cowl.
I don’t know what I’ve done, I think I’ve unintentionally increased on the first row, to create a curve. And I’m not sure if I like it or not.


While I think about that decision I cast on a hat. This I do like.
Although it’s a pain to knit as I’m holding two strands together and haven’t compensated enough with the needle size. So I’m pushing pretty hard on the needles. Hopefully it’s quick enough to finish so it won’t annoy me.


Has anyone got a cure for cast-on-itis? How do you decide if something’s worth frogging and starting again.

How cute is this frogging poster!!! For those curious, when I talk about frogging I’m talking about ripping back my knitting and starting again. Rip it, Rip it – like a frog.



The bluest blue

This was meant to be a post about how it’s 2 days till doctor who and I made a lovely hat in tardis blue. But then my
circular needle came loose.
And I realised I can’t keep track of a pattern.

So instead it’s a not so finished object. And now I have to buy another 6mm hat circular.
But when it’s finished……….




FO #5 Instant Gratification Hat

Without being all TMI, I haven’t been feeling that great for the last couple of weeks.
There were even two days last week when I didn’t even pick up my needles (cue shock horror!!!)

But I thought a cure would be something I could knock out quickly, something not too taxing on the brain, but totally cute.

So I found some yarn in my stash ( Icelandic Wool from Vera Yarn who is currently on etsy holiday but there is her shop anyway) , and a pattern called Ribbed for Her Pleasure.

I still managed to screw up what is a very easy pattern. My counting was a little wonky, but I managed to figure it out and no one except for me (and now all of you kind folk) will ever know.

But I know that you won’t tell.

ravelry project page





Friday (finally)

What a week it’s been.

So here, presented without comment, are some of the creations I’ve finished off in the last few weeks.

For bonus credit, go have a read of this commentary of the Ravelympics saga.

A poor example of how to handle a copy right infringement. Particularly as the knitting community understands copyright pretty well. But Caitlin has blogged really extensively and writes better than I could (or have a right to considering its not my country’s idiocy. But we have plenty of our own)






A star-crossed slouchy beret

So this hat caused a little drama.
Not because of the pattern. The pattern is gorgeous, well written, easy to follow and easy to knit.

It was because I ran out of yarn, with only 3 decreases to go.
And I wouldn’t have run out of yarn if I hadn’t have cast on so tight I couldn’t get it on the other side of the circular needle and had to cut it off.

So it was back to spotlight to buy more yarn. And it has been discontinued. Arg!!
Fortunately for me I had a call the next day saying they had called around and there was a ball left at another store and they’d order it in for me.
Yay!! Thanks Spotlight Midland – much appreciated. Great service.

So I was able to finish my hat, remove my letter box key, and now I have almost a whole ball of Moda Vera Ella to make a matching scarf, or maybe gloves.
It’s such a pretty colour and a really easy yarn to work with. It’s a shame its discontinued really.

But where does the letter box key come in?
This was the knit I took on the train to mandurah for the football game.
And as soon as I hopped on the train I lost my stitch marker. There was no hope of finding it (it wasn’t special in any way) so I searched my bag for a suitable replacement. And that was my letter box key.
Which would have been fine if I hadn’t have run out of yarn!
So for the week, out went the knitting to the mailbox. After my trip to spotlight I replaced the key with a proper stitch marker.

But it is a super cute hat and I will appreciate it even more for all the drama.





FO – Sockhead

I have one more hat in my collection now.
Its a .
It’s too cute.

The warns us that there is a lot of sockinette (a lot), but I didn’t mind that as much as the rib. I don’t know if there’s a technique that I need to learn, but rib takes me ages. Maybe if I switch to continental it would be easier? I don’t know. I should do some research.
But everytime I do research on knitting I end up getting distracted by pretty colours, or pretty patterns. And end up forgetting what I was researching in the first place.

Anyway, I love this hat, and can see many more in my future. Even just because it was the perfect project to take on the road.
This hat has seen a few awesome bands () and was .
Now for the weather to get a little colder. It’s going to be perfect to put my hair up into, it has plenty of room in the back.

Slouch away!






Sockhead Hat – wip

This is my in progress item.
It’s the sock head hat. It was chosen for its mindless quality, given that it’s 5 inches of 2×2 rib and then 9 inches of sockinette, knitted in the round, it’s perfect for stop start knitting.
It’s called sockhead because it’s made from sock yarn on 2mm needles (well the pattern says 3 but I only have 2 so they’ll have to do; I have a feeling it’s a very forgiving pattern). I’m using Moda Vera Noir in Purple.
It was started on the Thursday before Southbound, and is still going now.
Here’s a couple of in progress shots.

It’s very pretty so far.





FO – an unoriginal hat and a minion hat.

I think I picked a decent pattern to get my head around cables. This is the unoriginal hat
Ah the difficulty. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t have a set of 5 double-pointed needles. So I combined two sets of DPNs, 4 15cm metal ones and 1 30cm bamboo one.

It made for an interesting knitting process. Although, I was very surprised at how quick it was. I was able to knock it off in a day. I struggled a bit with the cables and it probably stretches a bit too much on my big head, but I’m still happy with it.
The yarn is Moda Vera Ella. It only used about half a ball, which was useful because i’d used a ball and a half for a cowl which is currently blocking.

But the end result was pretty good.
Just a little small for my big head.