Finish it or frog it!

I have some decisions to make.

There are 15 unfinished projects on my needles and hooks (that I’ve found so far – I’m not ruling out finding more lieing around.)

Of those just one has a legitimate reason for being unfinished. I ran out of yarn and am waiting for some more to arrive. That’s my wibbly wobbly shawl.


All the rest? Either I’ve gotten bored, haven’t felt like it, didn’t really like the way it was knitting up, or simply forgot about them when something newer and shinier came around.
Which is why I’m making some decisions. Frog or finish.
By the end of the year there will only be 5 unfinished objects on my needles. And hopefully not ones that are currently unfinished which will have the added bonus of making my area of the couch a little more tiny!


Oh and I’ve just spotted a blanket which still needs ends weaving in :S




There’s 3 hats, only one of which where I think the pattern suits the yarn.




3 pairs of socks. One I love, one I don’t remember what the pattern is, and one I stole the needles for another pattern and don’t remember what size they were.



I don’t know what I was thinking when I cast on a lace scarf in cotton. It hurts my hands, I can’t seem to memorise the pattern, and don’t have the inclination to look at a pattern every row for however long this scarf should be.

Drunk Bek got her hands on the slipped stitch shawl and didn’t do a good job! I also don’t think any pattern will be good enough for this yarn. It’s so pretty and vibrant maybe I’ll just keep it on the shelf and pet it occasionally.

I do love Olivia.
I just haven’t knit any rows on it for a while and I don’t know why. The yarn is lovely and the pattern is well written. It’s just been forgotten and left to languish.



Then there are the blankets. I’m waiting for winter to come around again. A blanket on your legs is quite uncomfortable in 40degree heat.
Not pictured is the granny square blanket. I really dislike the way the squares are joined so it’s in the naughty basket until I can make a decision about it.

Also not pictured is my 5th doctor shawl which is in my bag all the way over there. I have no problems with finishing that one. It gets pulled out at the cricket, and the doctors, and whenever I’m waiting for the train.

So that’s going to be my focus.
No casting on anything new until I’m down to 5 UFOs.
Let’s see how I go!



The moral of this story is the point we hope we’ve made

Reading a knitting chart after 3 white wines is never advisable.
Not the first time you read it, nor the second, and you should know better by the third.

Well I do know better now it’s the third but, this riff sock has had be confounded.
Obviously after a few white wines I don’t know my left from right, or my
Because I’ve done this twice now.

The first time I persisted, mainly because I was driving (passenger seat) and naively assumed that the pattern would eventually ‘make sense’. Well it did, but only when I read it correctly.
I eventually persisted and ended up with my laughing stock socks.
These were a failure from start to finish.

The second time was me being careless. I forgot about the previous failure (I don’t quite know how as they were quite literally on the Mr’s feet in front of me) and I didn’t double check the pattern properly.
Needless to say this time I frogged them and have since started again.

The other ones weren’t quite so lucky.
I made them on 3.5 mm needles. Which was too big for the sock pattern but too small for the yarn. So they are huge. Too big even for the Mr’s size 12 man-feet.
Then there was the pattern error at the beginning of the sock, but also at the cuff section.
And then I was so sick of them instead of fixing them I just finished the round of pattern and started the rib.
So they don’t fit properly around the heel.

So they’re my laughing stock socks.

Although I will say one thing about them, they’re nice and squidgy. And the pattern does look ok if you follow it properly.

So I’m casting on again. Let’s see if I can learn from my mistakes.



I didn’t have the heart to take more photos.

And if you’re wondering about the title of this post??? It’s the last line of this video.

I make mistakes (sometimes) (quite often) (a lot really)

And so a long weekend passes with plenty of football, season 6 of Buffy, and a bit of knitting.

I finished my ‘sexy vesty’ which is rediculously too short. Almost a midrif vest. But really who else can I blame but myself.
I finished a pair of socks (which I knitted two together) but failed at the last minute by opting for a regular bind off instead of super stretchy. They’re super difficult to get on now. Lesson learnt.
I also started two scarves but frogged them both because I didn’t like what they were doing.
It sounds like a bad knitting weekend but it wasn’t. Ok it was, but it didn’t seem like it at the time.

I also discovered knit princess and am now in live with this comic.

I’ve never been an avid reader of web comics. My dedication has only really been to queen of wands and it’s sequel punch n pie.
And scenes from a multiverse for entirely different reasons.

But knit princess speaks to me as a knitter.
I particularly enjoyed her camping series (even if I don’t agree with it). Some of the comments are very insightful too.

So I went to sleep last night peacefully dreaming of knit stiches, pretty yarn (I bought some from etsy a whole back and am not so patiently awaiting its arrival) and knitting comics.



Does anyone know how to get rid of that hole when rejoining the heel to the rest of the sock? Or is it a curse of toe-up.
I had forgotten about that knitting mistake.

Frog it

Well this is the slouchy hat I started last week.
I don’t like it.
it’s the slouchy hat with picot edge available free on ravelry.

I ran out of pink/purple yarn so I started with some grey that I had left over. The colour combination wasn’t really inspired.
I also used 4.5mm and 5.5mm needles because I didn’t have any 4mm double pointed (and I figured that the 1mm change would be significant.
I also lost track of the amount of stiches I had during the increase row, and so I muffed that slightly.
And I didn’t leave enough of a tail yarn to turn up the edge.

It was a quick project to whip up, I just think my yarn choice (Moda Vera Cardellino) and increased needle size didn’t highlight the picot edge. And with the two colours? No, it didn’t work.

So after deliberating a few days, I decided to frog the whole thing.

I’d rather have those colours to work with, than a hat which I don’t like.

I think I need to find patterns for yarns that I can buy, and that way I know whether it’s my knitting skills or my pattern interpretation skills which are the problem.