The Guildford Village Tea Room

On our weekends adventures we may have just stumbled across our new favourite breakfast spot in Guildford.

Guildford is one of those old suburbs in Perth. It’s main strip has all kinds of vintage and antique stores, which we explore from time to time. It’s a place that’s full of character and is frequently a stopping point when we have errands to run in the Eastern suburbs.

We have tried The Lounge Room before. And although it had the pancakes I was looking for, the Bloke’s meal was cold and uninspiring, which he hasn’t forgotten about quite yet.
So we’ve been eating at the Guildford Milk Bar which I think is very uninspiring.
My favourite breakfast is eggs Benedict so if a breakfast spot doesn’t make them, it’s an automatic fail in my book.

In the spirit of compromise we tried, The Guildford Tea Room.
I had my eggs Benedict (although with smoked salmon instead of ham, and bread instead of a muffin, and with cream cheese instead of hollandaise; so not really a Benedict if you look closely) and my Bloke had his ‘big brekky’.
And we were both happy.

My eggs were gooey and the smoked salmon almost melted on my tongue. The bread was what I think was a rye sourdough. It was my sort of dish. My only complaint was the spinach was a little stringy almost like it was been overwilted.

The bloke had fried eggs, on plain white toast, with crispy bacon and a hash brown. And he was quite chuffed. While I’m always looking to try something new, he likes his breakfast on the traditional side with none of this “gluten free, organic, low fat, wanky tosh that’s infecting breakfasts everywhere”. (It’s a direct quote)
So without even knowing, they managed to please two very different breakfast eaters.

My tea was hot, his coffee was lukewarm. We were both happy.

It’s not going to set the world alight, but for a Sunday brunch it ticked both our boxes.
We also had to wait before being seated (not too long though), so other people must like it too.

We look forward to seeing you again.
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The Lounge Room – Guildford

I wish urbanspoon had an undecided rating. This would definitely be the verdict on The Lounge Room.
The inside was so pretty but the food was decidedly average.

I woke up this morning and wanted pancakes.

When the Mister said ‘Do you want to go to Guildford and go antiquing’ I jumped at the chance.
And we headed along to get a late breakfast. The first place to have pancakes on the menu was ‘The Lounge Room’.
The wind machine was on full blast, but we sat down in the comfy surrounds. The details were gorgeous. Butterfly shaped mirrors adorned picture frames and hand written messages of love were scribbled on the walls.
The background music was triple j circa 2005 which suited me just fine.

I ordered my pancakes and Mr P-D&S ordered a big brekkie with mushrooms as an extra.

Unfortunately both meals came out cold.
The pancakes were light and fluffy, with the berry sauce delicious and sweet. But the fruit on the side seemed like a bit of an afterthought.

The Mister rated the big brekkie a 7. And he is an expert on big brekkies. There was no hashbrown which was disappointing. The scrambled eggs looked light and fluffy, but the bacon was rubbery and the bread was toasted past the point of no return. Even the mushrooms were too cold.

I think we’ll have to try again some other time and order something else. It deserves a second chance.







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