The first (probably of many) new house tours


My new house!!!!

We’re almost completely moved in now, with only two wardrobe doors, a dining table, and some cleaning supplies left at the apartment.

Moving day wasn’t quite as easy as I had hoped. There was emergency dental surgery, settlement delays, rain clouds, friends who didn’t turn up, some moving day bruises (me and the house) , and a really sore back.

But we got there. Jen once again wins the best friend award as she carried boxes for most of Saturday, where as the Man’s best friend showed up precisely as the first beer was opened on Sunday.

I always buy new bedding whenever I move into a new place. Any excuse for new sheets and quilt covers.


This isn’t the grand tour just yet. Stuff is still being sorted out. And I can’t do anything much with my crafty room until the wardrobes have doors, so it looks more like a spare room but give me time.


But I have sorted out the kitchen!



And as soon as I figure out how to take a good photo of the book shelf I’ll give you a guided tour of that.



But for now I’ll have to love you and leave you with the view from our balcony. The first night we were greeted with fireworks and we’ve had a few spectacular sunsets as well.









parcels of hammy goodness (oh and salad)

The continuing adventures of my salad sistema container

My sistema container has had a lot of use since i bought it. It’s also half price at Coles at the moment, which i’m not too pleased about. But murphy’s law does dictate as soon as you buy something it will be on sale for cheaper.

Today i have a chopped salad. Which is really just a whole heap of fruit and vegies chopped up for picking at.
There’s mandarin, mushrooms, celery, tomato, snow peas, carrot, and lettuce.
All of which taste good with Australian mustard, which is what’s in the dressing container.

With some left over store bought potato salad (which has some tinned corn added because last night we added half a tin of corn to the stew and i didn’t know what else to do with half a tin of corn).
And some ham. Because ham is also good with mustard and wrapped in lettuce, to make a tiny parcels of hammy goodness.