Muffins on a Monday

Womanhood has never been too kind to me. Growing up they were horrible. I’d have days where i just couldn’t get out of bed. The pill was really good, but i was terrible at taking it. Implanon makes my cycles really irregular but they’re back to their former suckiness. But this is not a post to whinge about my period. But it did so happen that’s why I’m home from work on a Monday.

And trying to make the best out a bad situation I made cheese and bacon muffins for lunch, and spent all day working on a pinwheel purse and watching Freaks and Geeks

I can think of worse ways to spend a Monday.





Baking chocolate biscuits

Because Sundays are made for baking. These are biscuits from a her name was greta recipe.


A few minor variations to the recipe. Mainly in that I had white chocolate in the cupboard so I used that instead.
And I didn’t have enough butter, so I adjusted the mix at the end and added just enough milk to create the right consistency.

I’m looking forward to crumbling these over some vanilla ice-cream.
That’s if there’s any left!!