Muffins on a Monday

Womanhood has never been too kind to me. Growing up they were horrible. I’d have days where i just couldn’t get out of bed. The pill was really good, but i was terrible at taking it. Implanon makes my cycles really irregular but they’re back to their former suckiness. But this is not a post to whinge about my period. But it did so happen that’s why I’m home from work on a Monday.

And trying to make the best out a bad situation I made cheese and bacon muffins for lunch, and spent all day working on a pinwheel purse and watching Freaks and Geeks

I can think of worse ways to spend a Monday.






He doesn’t call scrambled eggs an ommelette

My neck is rediculously sore. My best friend is my heat pack.
And so whilst I’m incapacitated, my lovely boyfriend made me scrambled eggs.

And made the plate look all pretty for me. It was meant to be an omelette, but J didn’t quite separate the eggs properly so it became scrambled eggs.
It had cheese, German sausage, and eggs. It probably had more to it but I wasn’t involved in the cooking process.

Thanks baby, it was delicious.