The Rock Show – with Jon English

Was absolutely amazing.
Such a polished performance, as you’d expect from Jon English.

I went in with pretty much no expectations about what The Rock Show would be.
It was a trip down memory lane, with some very talented musicians.

The Astor was such a perfect venue too; there even was a meet and greet afterwards. I asked a burning question about Pirates of the Penzance that was hotly debated growing up (I was right).

But the absolute highlight was two rows in front of us (so second row), this white haired granny was rocking out to every song. She knew every word to Bohemian rhapsody. She’s my idol.

It was an awesome night, I was crying with laughter at points. I only wish they had a longer run because I could have recommended it to so many people.








Stuck in my head – Jon English

Allow me to get nostalgic for a minute.
I’m going to go see Jon English on Saturday! I saw him 5? years ago when he played in the Pirates of Penzance (my all time favourite musical), but I’ve never seen him as a musician.

I fell in love with the Jon English version of Pirates of Penzance when I was quite young. I borrowed it from the library countless times until the VHS was broken. I now have it on DVD and I still sing and dance along like I did when I was a kid.
I still have a crush on the back up pirate with the red shirt, which is probably appropriate now as we may just be the same age instead of me being 12 and him being much older.

But enough about pirates, this is one of my favourite love songs. Don’t ask me what’s going on in the video, but Jon English is cute and young and his hair is better than mine.