Sunglasses and bows

This is probably my favourite DIY.

Super easy. All you need is a wire coathanger and voila! Instant storage for sunglasses and hair bows.

It doesn’t work so well for bows on bobby pins, but anything with a clip works well.

It’s currently holds my trio of modcloth sunnies. I love floral sunglasses.
A collection of hair bows from around the place, but the big striped one I found in a boutique in Mandurah. It’s from the Davie Bow-ie collection. I just couldn’t resist.





A trip to Mundaring Weir

A lovely Sunday morning drive to the Mundaring Weir about 40 minutes outside of Perth.

We stopped at a local bakery to pick up a pie, and drove to a little secluded spot in the Mundaring national park.

The scenery is always beautiful, and the weir is looking better for the recent rain we’ve had. We even found a little creek!

After lunch we went for a drive on a couple of 4WD tracks.
There was a couple of challenging parts and a couple of water crossings but we made it through.

I would have liked to have explored the Mundaring markets that were on, but we were late for my nephews first birthday.
My new modcloth skirt was perfect for a birthday, but not so perfect for exploring the bush.
It was a lovely Sunday, and I just hope we can get away further out of the city next weekend.


there’s a mouse drowning on my porch

now i’m not afraid of mice, i’m just kinda jumpy around things which dash around erratically and feel creepy on your skin.
and to have one drowning in a bucket of water i accidentally left out. if that bucket of water hadn’t been out there??? ewww… i really don’t like mice in the house. i’ve lived with it before and it wasn’t fun.

but other than that it’s been a brilliant morning.
had a bit of a sleep in
i’ve done some baking
read an old book (the wind blows backwards – mary downing hahn)
tried on a new dress (modcloth public gardens dress)
watched the aussies win the cricket
and it’s not even lunch time…

a couple of birthday lunches

and a new shirt.

this is my ‘break the code’ shirt from modcloth.
and somehow my hair was looking good. even though the lunch was at 1:00 and i didn’t get out of bed til 12:30 – i was not feeling good (still aren’t feeling good which is why it’s taken me 2 days to write about sunday)
but here are some photos

now i’m going to go back to dieing… loudly…