#4KCBWDAY4 – Colour Review

Hello my name is Bek and I have pink and teal hair. (Hi Bek!)

I don’t think I’ll be too surprised when I actually look in my stash to see that I like a lot of the same colours.

Black, charcoal, grey, and white are staples. Plus tardis blue (and other variations), Port Adelaide teal, pale sunshine yellow, and every shade of pink that catches my eye.

I know that I’m going through a green phase at the moment too.
I’m not very discriminate when it comes to colour.

I am one of the .2% of females who are colour blind. Which does pose a bit of a problem when it comes to buying yarn.
I’ve tended to steer away from picking colours to match each other. If my bloke isn’t with me in the shop (yarn shopping isn’t his favourite past time- just as fishing lure shopping isn’t mine) I stick to self striping yarn, or basic combinations like my last white, black, and blue blanket.
I find etsy shopping easier because there’s less decisions to make holding up yarns and asking strangers if these two colours look the way I think they look.

I can see colours if I concentrate. But I can’t tell a red or green traffic light from a difference. Telling the difference between shades has always been a problem too. I remember getting in trouble at primary school for using a blue pencil when I should have used a purple one (they looked the same to me). I remember getting in trouble at high school for wasting time searching for a red cricket ball in brown leafs. Once again I couldn’t see the difference. I still have to concentrate watching cricket or else I lose the red ball in the green grass (depending on the shades of course).

It probably influences my photography more than my knitting, because I think I’m getting the colours right but they could be completely different. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t make much of a difference.

The first yarn I ever bought was a pink splitty yarn.


This is my latest yarn haul from yarnvszombies. I’ve signed up for a yarn club (my first one) which will be fun this year.


And then there’s my football team colours. I will have feminine football merchandise even if I have to make it myself.