wordpressing about tumblr

Today just wont end will it.
I really want to get home – into some cosy clothes and blog. Tumblr is quickly becoming addictive… WordPress will still have my serious stuff but to pretend im a teenage fangirl (as opposed to a twenty-something fangirl) its quite cathartic.
I guess i just want to be creative – or have the chance to be creative which just hasnt happened at work today…
I feel like i want something more …

And at the moment tumblrs sense of community is really attractive… Im probably doing it all wrong but its a place to post all my quirks and thoughts without spamming facebook – tumblr people dont have to follow me…
Hah wordpressing about tumblr – i think this officially turns me into an internet nerd…
But i always was – ive been blogging in one form or another for 10 years… Designing websites, making graphics, copying quotes – only difference was i did all the code from scratch and was hosted by geocities (i wonder if that still exists somewhere – all the stories etc)
I just want to finish work so i can be creative.


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