Well ive been without my iphone for the last two weeks but that’s still no excuse for not writing anything. I’ve been tumblr-ing a lot. But song lyrics aren’t writing, which is what i wanted to do here.

Its almost december so its busy, busy, busy… I’ll probably put up my christmas tree tonight (yay) but i’ll have to make some more decorations first. The ones i made last year have all been thrown out.
Of course by decoration i mean doctor who cubee crafts, oh and maybe a couple of nightmare before christmas ones for good measure.
To me doctor who has become an integral part of christmas. I usually get something doctor who related (this year im hoping for the sonic screwdriver wii remote, wii game, or a t-shirt) but also me and my little brother will watch the christmas episode (on boxing day). We’ve been doing that for the last three years so its become a sort of a tradition, which i like. Same with buying a new christmas dress, and spending one of the surrounding days soo hungover nothing gets achieved.
My boy doesnt like christmas but i dont care – i do.


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