tuesday night peace and quiet

chicken and sundried tomato roast
chicken and sundried tomato roast
So last night was not spent decorating, instead it was spent with a chicken roast and my ‘stories’ (which is boyfriend code for the trash that I like to watch and he doesn’t primarily gossip girl and project runway).
And it was good. All of it.
Gossip girl season opener, it answered a few questions from last season’s finale, posed a few new ones, and dropped a couple of very blatant clues as to where this season is going. It’s nice to have that hour where you can completely zone out and watch other people’s lives. And it doesn’t annoy me as much as glee or secret life of the American teenage or any other similar American trash. (by the way I am using trash in an affectionate way).
I have always been a blair and chuck shipper. I always liked them more than dan and serena, or serena and nate, or jenny and nate. I always loved jenny as my favourite character though. I really do see her as a girl who makes a lot of ordinary mistakes and is trying to figure out who she is, which I relate to. Plus I really love her style.
I also finished watching the portrait of dorian grey, which I started watching on Saturday before I had to go out. Its definitely an interesting concept for a movie, but I think I’ll have to watch it again before I can make any sort of critique on it. And I think it’s the type of movie that deserves a proper critique. I’ll have to channel my uni days of textual analysis.
Maybe tonight there’ll be nothing on tele so I’ll have to clean up and put up my Christmas tree. Just maybe.


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