decisions decisions…

i am racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear this evening.
i’m going to see Bon Jovi!!!
my best friend in the entire world bought these super awesome tickets which involve a backstage tour and fan pack and dinner, and i told her that i would be ready at 3:00 which means i have to figure out what to wear now!
so i’m going through my entire wardrobe in my head and disregarding pretty much everything.
i really wish i had a virtual closet, like cher in clueless, that i could mix and match things.
all i have is my previous outfit posts and my memory.

i was thinking of wearing what i wore to the new pornographers – but it seems kinda strange to be able to wear the same outfit to two completely different gigs.
but i’ll post photos anyway
i didn’t previously because they both turned out horribly – because i was taking them in my room rather quietly because my boyfriend thinks its a bit strange and i haven’t really told him what i’m doing… he’s a bit anti-interweb.
but here they are…

is this a bon jovi worthy outfit?
i just don’t think it’s rock chick enough…


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