Happy Pie Day

Cottage pies. Or Shepherds pies. Or Potato pies.
Whatever you call them it’s what I made for Sunday night.

There wasn’t much pastry to go round so I made two with pastry (puff – prebought) and 4 without pastry in little ramekins.

The pie filling was a pretty standard mince sauce. Onion, garlic, mince, mushrooms, kidney beans, tomato paste, tinned tomatoes, and seasonings (salt, pepper, wooshter sauce, parsley and italian herbs).

That went into the blind baked puff-pastry cases.
And then topped with cheesy mashed potato. (mmm cheesy mashed potato)

That then went into the oven to crisp up and it came out delicious.

And best of all there’s leftovers.
Good stuff.
And conincidently today is pie day… i honestly didn’t know that when i was pie making on Sunday.


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