Monday. The start of the week.
I’m always a little bit more enthusiastic on a monday – well as ado an as i get home from work.
Mondays at work are never productive but Monday afternoons seem to be.

So full of gusto, I cleaned the bathroom, started cleaning the kitchen, and decided to tackle a nice veggie filled dinner.

The veggies were boiled.
The carrots went in first, then the cauliflower. The bok choy and snow peas went in at the very end just to blanch.

The chicken was grilled in a little bit of butter (mmm butter). Then once that was cooked some sauvignon blanc (I’m getting better with my wines) went in to deglaze the pan. After that had boiled off, some chicken stock and cream went in to make a sauce. Some fresh parsley and chives topped off the sauce and that was it.

And the best thing was, after eating it I don’t feel bloated and stuffed.
Great way to start the week.




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