Post brownlow nachos

Monday night was the Brownlows. The brownlows are the best and fairest for the AFL (Australian rules football).
It’s a chance to reminisce on the year of football as they go through every round winners and losers. My bestie comes round, we make snippy comments about how badly dressed the WAGs are, and we reminisce about a year of football. Usually it’s, that night at the pub when this happened or, that’s when we got all prettied up and went to watch the football at the Casino. There’s a drinking game involved and it’s generally a good night on the couch.

Which leads me to Tuesday, and my second hangover in five days. (I’m not usually such a lush. It’s football finals season, so expect another one on Sunday the day after the grand final).

So hangover food for me is a lot of food. My body tried to soak out the excess alcohol so I end up eating a lot of grease, starch, and cheese.

So after I got home from work, had a nap on the couch, all I wanted was nachos.

These are my nachos – the Mr has a different recipe and thinks mine are terrible. But he didn’t go to work yesterday, so he got stuck with my nachos.

The recipe.
Put corn chips in a tin.
Smother with chicken, salsa, and cheese.
Put in the oven until cheese has melted.

The photos aren’t pretty.
But it tasted good.





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