It was a hot Sunday and we wanted to get out of the house. So we had lunch at Mrs.S which is just down the road and always busy so we thought we’d give it a try.

The decor was lovely. It had an modern but homely feel.
The menus were golden books which is a totally cute idea.

There were flowers everywhere, with colourful aprons hanging on the walls.

My expectations were pretty high, but the menu didn’t live up to them.

Gluten free and organic food is pretty trendy at the moment. I know that because it’s everywhere!
And it was definitely the theme at Mrs.S

It was a pretty short menu which didn’t help.

My watermelon juice was beautiful. Very refreshing for a hot day, but Mr P-D&S didn’t like his apple juice.
It was freshly squeezed which I ended up finishing.

I had a chicken, pineapple, and herb salad. Which was very fresh. It could have used more salad, less herbs, but it didn’t quite hit the spot.
I could have used more (which is saying something because I had downed a couple of fish cakes before we even go there.

The Mr had a chicken penne with gorgonzola.
Again the portion was really small, and apparently if had way to many nuts. I don’t even remember seeing nuts on the menu.

It wasn’t terrible (well the Mr would disagree, he was not impressed at all), but if I was to go again it wouldn’t be for the food.



20111016-210752.jpgMrs. S on Urbanspoon


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