A moment of genius

My rissole recipe, but instead of breadcrumbs crushed potato crisps.

It’s never going to win a weight watchers recipe contest, but it was very tasty. Rissoles taste better the next day in a sandwich, but that’s if they last that long.

basic rissoles
Put all these ingredients in a bowl
500g mince, 1 egg, 1 slice bread soaked in water, 1 diced onion, 1 squeeze of BBQ sauce, salt & pepper
Get squelchy and mix all together, hands work great.
(always make sure that you prepare the breadcrumbs/crushed potato crisps before you start mixing. It makes it easier)

Make into patty shapes. Coat in crushed potato crisps.

Put into fridge for about half an hour.

Give to the gentleman friend to cook on the barbecue. (I’m hopeless at pan frying these.)






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4 day weekend has passed with a whimper

Australia day, we drank Aussie beer, watched cricket, and listened to the hottest 100.


The day after Australia day (hangover day), I resigned myself to my hangover and watched an entire season on My Family and had some quality bonding time with my couch.
Air con was appreciated, particularly as it was pretty hot (42 I think) outside.

Saturday we went shopping for a new tv, and some more lazy viewing.
I bought a crepe maker (guess what we had for dinner) and we watched the Perth Scorchers lose the grand final (boo).




Sunday I finished my sockhead hat, and started a new sock, Scylla.
And started watching series 1 of Buffy. (and since bought the box set). I thought I’d have nightmares about creepy ventriloquist dolls but thank fully I didn’t.




And look what arrived Monday afternoon. The books I thought I’d read on the long weekend.


Rissoles love

Now I know all of you that aren’t from Australia probably don’t get the title.
The Castle is a top Australian movie, and one of those really quotable movies too.
One of the most endearing moments is how every night the lead male compliments his wife on his cooking. And one of those meals is rissoles.

This is my mums rissole recipe – its a bit hit and miss but you get to squelch a whole heap of ingrediants up.

Into a bowl goes 500gm mince, 1 egg, 2 pieces soggy bread, a dash of worcestershire sauce, and some BBQ sauce. Quantities aren’t really important here. Also feel free to add stuff. I usually add chilli flakes, fresh herbs, salt, and pepper.
To get soggy bread, soak the bread in water and squeeze it out.
You’ll end up with a bowl full of squelchy potential.


Now squelch it all together until it’s ready to roll into balls.
Then dip into bread crumbs or rolled oats, whichever you have in the cupboard.

Then set them in the freezer. This is important. Otherwise they fall apart when you cook them.

After about half an hour, they should be good to cook. You need a really greasy pan, and be ready to flip them.

Serve with salad and a couple of episode of friends. Tomato sauce on top works a treat.



A leisurely lunch at Blackbird

It was a Thursday.
Lunch was beckoning.
And it was too nice a day to be inside. So my packed lunch went in the fridge for another day, and a colleague and I walked down to grab a bite to eat.

We spotted Blackbird, and even though I have a phobia of actual birds, birds in name only don’t scare me.
We had a look at the menu on the window (always a good start), found something that we liked and so decided to stay.

We were both delighted. The service was fantastic, the food was divine, and it really made the most of the view.

It’s not generally a good sign when there’s no one else in the resteraunt but it really didn’t matter, we both had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch.
In particular what impressed me was the attention to detail. The waiter (silly me, forgot to catch his name) really made us feel welcome.
It’s not often I notice someone’s professionalism, but that’s what he had. Customer service was excellent, he had a light, jokey manner without being too over the top and made us feel comfortable and at home. You could tell that he more-than-likely enjoyed his job, which is a pleasure.

And then the food, was so much more than I was expecting.
I ordered the steak sandwich, having some preconceived expectations about steak sandwiches in general and baulking a little at the price ($23 is on the expensive side for a sandwich). This should not be called a steak sandwich. A sandwich it was not. This was a little slice of heaven on ciabatta.
The steak was cooked just the way I like it. Drag a cow past a heater once or twice (go on picture it). With the combination of the dressing and the rocket, and the really thick frites was just divine.

My colleague had the barley risotto, with beetroot and parmesan. Which apparently was wonderful as well. The bright pink dish was a little off-putting at first, but once we asked the waiter what was going on (and he knew what he was talking about) it made perfect sense.

And then we ordered desert.
Chocolate Fondant with chocolate syrup and white chocolate ice-cream.
We really should have shared desert.
I now understand what recipes talk about when they say the centre should be gooey. This was soo gooey.
I gained 5 kilos while eating it, and enjoyed every one of them.

The drinks list was very extensive, however being during the working day it wasn’t that kind of work lunch.
I think the next after-work drinks party will have to be held there. Even if it’s just to see the interior of the place.

With the location on the water, the service, the chocolate!, it’s a pity that I’m leaving this job soon and I won’t be able to have lunch there.
Definitely a keeper.
It was a little on the expensive side, but worth every penny.







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It was a hot Sunday and we wanted to get out of the house. So we had lunch at Mrs.S which is just down the road and always busy so we thought we’d give it a try.

The decor was lovely. It had an modern but homely feel.
The menus were golden books which is a totally cute idea.

There were flowers everywhere, with colourful aprons hanging on the walls.

My expectations were pretty high, but the menu didn’t live up to them.

Gluten free and organic food is pretty trendy at the moment. I know that because it’s everywhere!
And it was definitely the theme at Mrs.S

It was a pretty short menu which didn’t help.

My watermelon juice was beautiful. Very refreshing for a hot day, but Mr P-D&S didn’t like his apple juice.
It was freshly squeezed which I ended up finishing.

I had a chicken, pineapple, and herb salad. Which was very fresh. It could have used more salad, less herbs, but it didn’t quite hit the spot.
I could have used more (which is saying something because I had downed a couple of fish cakes before we even go there.

The Mr had a chicken penne with gorgonzola.
Again the portion was really small, and apparently if had way to many nuts. I don’t even remember seeing nuts on the menu.

It wasn’t terrible (well the Mr would disagree, he was not impressed at all), but if I was to go again it wouldn’t be for the food.



20111016-210752.jpgMrs. S on Urbanspoon

Lunch in Freo

On a sunny Sunday arvo we went to Freo, with the hope of picking up some NFl or MLB gear from a stall in the markets.

They didn’t have any of our teams but we did have a nice lunch at Portorossa.

I only wanted a salad, but ended up with a veal sandwich.
It was delectable. There’s nothing worse than chewy meat in a sandwich, but I’m please to say this was nothing of the sort.

The Mister had a meat lovers pizza. Nothing too elaborate. It was a pizza.

But it was a beautiful day in freo, even if someone (me) was feeling cranky and overwhelmed by birds (slight phobia) and crowds (too polite).

Definitely return to sample more of their menu. And I liked that all 4 wait staff said ‘have a nice day’ when we left.

Manners cost nothing.




Ladies who luncheon

A leisurely Friday lunch at Oxide in East Perth.

My work lovelies and I went for a spot of lunch. Walking down past Claisebrook Cove we stopped in at Oxide. It didn’t look too busy and we just wanted a quick meal.

One had eggs benedict. Poached eggs with bacon on an open English muffin with Hollandaise Sauce (but not quite enough Hollandaise Sauce).
The other lady had a Chicken and Avocado salad with balsamic vinaigrett (on the side).
And I had blueberry pancakes.

To be fair I had eaten proper lunch (carrot, celery, ham, salad) at 10:30, so I just wanted something sweet.
And it was something sweet.

Delicious hot pancakes, with a mixed berry compote which was just sweet enough. And extra berry compote to pour over the top. And just enough cream to gently coat the pancakes so they slid down my throat quite easily.
Decadent and delicious as we escaped work for an hour and watched the world go by on an almost summery Perth day.

We all need more sweetness in our lives.







Oxide Cafe

A spur of the moment soup

With the leftover tinned tomatoes from the Chicken Parma the other night, a soup was made.

I really hate throwing out food. I am so lucky and grateful to be able to live the style I do, I don’t want to waste the food that I’ve brought.

So into a pan went the tinned tomatoes, some beef stock, and some worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper (for good measure).
That boiled and then simmered for about 10 minutes.
It then became my lunch today.
Simple but I wish I had some cheese to top it off with.

With a spot of lunchtime reading, this Monday might just work out.