How to fold a plastic bag

I know this seems like an odd post, but in preparation for my finished object (a plastic bag holder) tomorrow, I thought I’d share my patented technique for folding plastic bags.

Well it’s not really mine, I learnt this from an aunty’s friend. It was on a trip down south because they had a farm. I always wanted to grow up on a farm. Mostly because I sounded so cool in Enid Blyton novels. The place had a really awesome stream too.
But the real takeaway is how to fold plastic bags.

Plastic bags are infinitely useful. Going swimming its so easy to just put all your wet things into a plastic bag until you get home.
We use them as a bin too. And I always carry a couple in my bag just for emergencies. And they’re easier to carry if they’re folded.

So here is my tutorial for folding a plastic bag.

Take your plastic bag and lay it flat on the table.

Fold it in half, and then in half again.

Roll the bag up.

Pull one loop between the other and tie.

And there you go.
One convenient plastic bag, all wrapped up and ready for anything.

Tomorrow I have a knitting pattern to store all of these plastic bags neatly.


One thought on “How to fold a plastic bag

  1. Haha I never thought of folding a plastic bag. I always keep bags as well though, there are always times when you need them!

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