So another weekend passes by

Without much notice.

I swear this year is flying by. Unfortunately most of last week and weekend went by with me crook. All better now but my body definitely needed some rest.
So I clocked up a few hours playing final fantasy xiii. And by a few I mean a lot.

I was always a fan of ff7 growing up.
It really was the only video game I’d consistently play. Im hopeless at racing games and most other games give me motion sickness.
So when my parents bought us kids a playstation (none of this ps1 crap, I still have our old playstation and it still works) they bought me final fantasy 7.
And it was my first foray into a game that I could find enjoyable.
I’ve played it on and off for years now.
So for a present my boy bought me final fantasy 13. Ive been pretty blown away by the graphics.
I’m enjoying the game play too.
It’s a bit linear, and it took ages to get to the level up stage.
The leveling I find as the meaty part. I enjoy developing players and figuring out what they can do.
I am really enjoying the storyline as well.

And the whole world is filled with beautiful people and their beautiful hair.
Seriously it’s making me want to dye my hair. I’ve got a teal colour all waiting to go once the red/pink washes out.

So here is a picture of a really cool sunset from FF13




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