The Shins

Well Monday was the Shinsday.
This is why we went to Melbourne, and what we were there for.
And it would have taken a lot to disappoint.

This review from faster louder says everything I want to say about the music.
It was everything that you expected, and I was happy with that.

Understandably they played a lot from their latest album. The Rifles Spiral is one of my favorite songs this year and it was great to see it live.
It was the venue that was most surprising. How does Melbourne put up with it? We had move forward to try and get a good view of the stage, but after 4 songs of jostling for position, getting beer spilt on us by passers by, and the chick in front of me rubbing her arse against me, we found the better position was right at the back.
It had a clear view, probably better than craning your neck to see, plus there was room to move.
We also saw 8 people that required medical attention. Guys and girls who had passed out, or we’re very near to. You’d expect heat stroke at a punk concert, but The Shins?

Soon enough, we had sung along, wooed our lungs out, and enjoyed James Mercer’s dulcet tones and it was over. We cheered for an encore, but it would have been better of without it. Instead of leaving on a high, we left confused.
But we finished Monday night where we started Friday night, at Youngs and Jackson.
The bar tender took a photo of us in our shins merch and we reminisced on the weekend.

It really was a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to go back.

Bring on AFL finals!






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6 thoughts on “The Shins

    1. It was the choice of encore I suppose. Whilst we were cheering we were chatting about what they would play as an encore and we had a list of about 6-7 cracking songs that we wanted to hear.
      And instead they went with (what I felt) was an obscure choice and very mellow. It was a very odd choice to me.

      1. We saw a lot of people leaving. And it was mentioned in a couple of online reviews.
        Don’t get me wrong it was still an amazing gig. It just felt flat at the end.

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