Stuck in my head – The Shins

Well if you have a look at my most played artists for this week you won’t find the shins.


We had a stereo on board, which we could both plug our phones into and there was no one around.
So when HeWhoFishes was out on the dingy I did leap at the opportunity to sing and dance around like the crazy lady I am.
And I wasn’t dancing to the shins.

But when we weren’t being nostalgic and listening to Jebediah, and I was enjoying the solitude of being away from society and on a boat, I was listening to this song.

(And just to rub it in, here’s my photo collage which I use as my work computer background. One of the reasons I use hipstamatic, Instagram, and the a beautiful mess apps is not so all my photos look twee [which I do like] but it makes it easier to put into collages because they all use the same dimensions. My work computer has no fancy unworkrelated software so I resize the photos to 7cm using microsoft word and then copy and paste them into paint. Then I can chop and change photos as I like )





The Shins

Well Monday was the Shinsday.
This is why we went to Melbourne, and what we were there for.
And it would have taken a lot to disappoint.

This review from faster louder says everything I want to say about the music.
It was everything that you expected, and I was happy with that.

Understandably they played a lot from their latest album. The Rifles Spiral is one of my favorite songs this year and it was great to see it live.
It was the venue that was most surprising. How does Melbourne put up with it? We had move forward to try and get a good view of the stage, but after 4 songs of jostling for position, getting beer spilt on us by passers by, and the chick in front of me rubbing her arse against me, we found the better position was right at the back.
It had a clear view, probably better than craning your neck to see, plus there was room to move.
We also saw 8 people that required medical attention. Guys and girls who had passed out, or we’re very near to. You’d expect heat stroke at a punk concert, but The Shins?

Soon enough, we had sung along, wooed our lungs out, and enjoyed James Mercer’s dulcet tones and it was over. We cheered for an encore, but it would have been better of without it. Instead of leaving on a high, we left confused.
But we finished Monday night where we started Friday night, at Youngs and Jackson.
The bar tender took a photo of us in our shins merch and we reminisced on the weekend.

It really was a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to go back.

Bring on AFL finals!






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Pastels everywhere

Have I mentioned that next weekend I’m in Melbourne?
I probably should have because it will be the first time my Gentleman Friend and I have left the state in 2 years.

So I’m pretty excited. We’re going over to see The Shins!
Which is pretty exiting in itself.

The first birthday present I bought for my boy was a Shins wallet. It is freaking cool, but it was retired just before it was about to break. I have a feeling it may make it out of retirement for a weekend.

So I’ve been making lists and preparing.

I’ve also realised that my sister-in-law is due in another month. I swear she had at least 6 more to go, so I’ve dedicated very knitting minute to a baby’s blanket.
It’s another 10 stitch blanket.

I’m particularly fond of pastels at the moment.




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Stuck in my head – the shins (covering the postal service)

I don’t think it’s a secret that I adore Death Cab for Cutie and in particular Ben Gibbard’s voice. It therefore follows that I adore The Postal Service.

And I also adore the Shins doing covers of The Postal Service.

Here’s the spotify link.

And here’s the best fan made video I could find. (trust me when I say even though this is very literal, it’s not the most literal one out there).

And the original radio edit

Stuck in my head – The Shins – Simple Song

Well I’ve been baking up a storm, knitting up some socks, and working really hard at my new job.

But I’m still listening to music and picking out my favourites.

Love this song. And am definitely hoping they’ll come to Perth later this year. They’re very high on my ‘must see’ list.


james mercer kind of monday

Im having a very james mercer kind of day.
I set up a playlist with all of my shins albums, flake music albums, and broken bells.
I’m hoping that it will calm me down as I’m having a doctor who ‘I have a face that no one listens to’, ‘first rule; don’t wander off – why does everyone wander off’, kinda day.
Why don’t people listen to me, I know I like the sound of my own voice but I don’t just say things for the sake of them. I particularly don’t like wasting time just because someone hasn’t followed a clear instruction. I prefer to waste my own time however I choose.
Anyways james mercer, he is a legend.
He can write songs so beautifully.
He’s almost distracting me from Monday and a dismal cricket test.

The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow

The second album from The Shins was always going to have a lot to live up to after ‘oh inverted world’ but the characteristics that made that album so complete and wonderful are still all here.
James Mercer’s impossibly complex lyrics with their shoe gazing style of pop make this a good listen.
And upon a second, third, fourth, listen it will work its way into your heart.
It has become a comfort album of sorts for me – an album that I can come back to, no matter how I’m feeling, and it will reinforce my feelings.
From melancholy to uplifting to a sense of calmness – this album can make me feel so much and for that, I love it.

It’s full of a quiet, poppy, indie, shoegazing sound which can be incredibly catchy. So Says I, Pink Bullets, and Saint Simon and favourites.

If you love the shins you’ll love this.
If you don’t yet love the shins – watch garden state.
As they say – this song (new slang – and the shins) will change your life