Socks. All about socks

Well this pair of socks started came into the world a while ago.
The flew to Melbourne and back without a single stitch being added.
They then sat around looking at the blanket being knitted, feeling lost and abandoned.

And then when I do pick them up again, I’m already kind of bored. I’m knitting them half heartedly thinking “I wish I had a pattern, or something more interesting than sockinette”.

Aha! I’m about to do the gusset, surely I can do something different with that!

So I hunted down Ravelry and found a centre V increase. I modified it to the number of stitches I had and I was on my way.

The heel turned with ease, the ribbing was complete when I felt restless.

What else can I do or learn for these socks.
Picot edging!
I love the look but have never learnt.

So onto YouTube I go and find my knitting guru, knitting by Judy.

And voila! I have a pair of socks with some interest.

The yarn is Moda Vera noir (as I can’t help but buy it in every pretty colour), and I’ve used two different colours and switched them over at different points.

Two at a time baby!







4 thoughts on “Socks. All about socks

  1. Thanks for the closeup of the picot edging. Very pretty. I’ve never tried it either but I like the look of it better than I thought I would.

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