I cast on a cardigan!!

I finally decided to bite the bullet and cast on something wearable.

My biggest fear has always been it’s not going to fit.
So I had to choose a pattern which was all in one. Knitting two pieces and seaming them together is not going to allay this fear.

So I settled on Lady Kina. It’s short sleeved so it looked easy.
And it is!

I can hardly believe it. I cast on on Sunday, had Monday off (the aforementioned sneezing) and now it’s Friday I can see that it’s a cardigan!

I’m overusing exclamation marks today but I really am shocked and very impressed with myself.



It doesn’t look like much (yet) but I’m proud as punch!

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3 thoughts on “I cast on a cardigan!!

  1. You are my hero!! And you just might inspire me to finally knit one too! I can’t wait to see how your cardigan turns out, it is looking great already! The yarn looks oh so cozy too 🙂

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