Worst photos ever.

It has been a headless chook week. As in I’ve been doing a very good impression of a headless chicken.

My grand plan to knit a pair of slippers for my mums birthday (tomorrow) didn’t go according to plan. I have two soles, and I thought I was right on track to just finish off the one remaining top until I realised the one top that I had, wasn’t to the pattern.
It was so off I couldn’t make it work.

So instead of just finishing the slippers on Wednesday (ready for birthday tea Thursday) I was frogging one slipper top and searching Ravelry for another idea.

Which ended up being a mug cozy.

And as I’ve been so disorganized this week I took photos after I have it to my mum.

So here’s to a long weekend to chase the headless chook blues.





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