The weekend I tried to teach myself to stitch

I really only want to know embroidery so I can write/stitch really cool quotes and phrases. And then I can hang them on the wall or put them on cushions.
But I have a lot of practicing to do first.

Also on the weekend, we cleaned out the spare room. We now have room to swing a cat, or do a full 360 revolution when I’m at my sewing machine.

I started a whole stack of really cool blogging related projects.
I caved and my blog now has a Facebook page. Go look on your right – there’s a fancy Facebook thingamajig. Currently it’s linked to this blog (obviously), my Instagram, and there’s a spotify playlist for all my passion pop Wednesday (song of the week) picks.
If you’re a Facebook person, go and check it out.
(If you’re a twitter person you can find me at beks_sparkles

I also knitted a whole lot for a blog tutorial. And I’m planning a giveaway!
It’s exciting times.

There’s also exciting news on the family front. There’s going to be a wedding!
Not mine, but my Bloke’s sister (who is one of the coolest people I know).
So I did the dutiful thing and introduced her to pintrest! (YOU’RE WELCOME!)

So it was a pretty awesome weekend. I’m really excited about the future.



(What’s a weekend post without a photo of Max.)
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8 thoughts on “The weekend I tried to teach myself to stitch

  1. I’ve never done embroidery- only cross stitch. I love it, but it takes FOREVER. I’m currently working on a Lonely Island lyric from “Lazy Sunday” for my husband heh. I’d love to try embroidery- there are such cute vintage patterns available to tea towels!

    1. I’ve done a little cross stitch. My Nanna is extraordinary at it, and we always used to do it together. She recently made a Peter rabbit cross stitch for my nephew which was rediculously impressive.

      The pattern aspect of cross stitch is more daunting than embroidery.

      But it’s like learning any new skill. It takes time and patience.

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