Maybe next year…

It was thrilling finish to Wednesdays game to put the Perth Sorchers into the semi final (watch it below and just imagine a green haired girl in the stands jumping up and down, hi-fiving everyone in sight.)

Unfortunately Saturday night’s grand final didn’t quite live up to expectations.

It was a bit of a fizzer if I’m honest. There was no buzzer beater, no heroics, not much of a fight at all. We knew quite early on that Perth didn’t look like winning.
But that’s allright. I mean it’s not like Perth hasn’t lost a grand final before. Oh wait! We did this last year too!

Still it’s not all bad news. The end of Twenty20 cricket (3 hour matches) means that Sheffield Shield (4 day matches) and Ryobi cup (1 day matches) start again. That’s the real cricket.
The longer forms of the game don’t attract the same crowds that Twenty20 does but that’s a good thing.
There’s less queues, less chance of sitting behind someone wearing a huge hat, and less chance of being stuck in the vicinity of the ‘wannabe commentator’.
(I sense a blog post brewing about the 10 most annoying types of people who go to sports events.)

I’m a grumpy old woman sometimes.
Ok a lot of the time.

Here’s my grumpy self after the game.
If you look closely you’ll spy Finished Object #2!




I only had photos of me and my favouritest girl in the world. I hope she doesn’t mind.

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