A change is as good as a holiday?

I am no longer the girl with blue hair who knits.

If you’re looking for me in a crowd you need to start looking for pink hair. And do I mean pink!

I try not to bleach my hair too often. I avoid it for as long as possible, but it was at that point where I couldn’t avoid it any longer.

I do my own hair. Its cheaper that way and I only have myself to blame if it goes wrong.
My bathroom gets turned into a hair salon about once a month.


Once I’m satisfied that I haven’t missed a spot, it’s the waiting game to see whether or not all the colour comes out.
I did my fringe bright red last year and that took 4 bleachings to get it to a workable state.
The teal came out quite easily and left me with a blank canvas. As well as the scheduled reminder that I look terrible as a blonde.


I hadn’t expected it to be so white. I though about it and ended up opting for a change.


I am now a pink haired girl.
I got so used to the teal that it looked normal to me. The pink is so bright it’s a bit of a shock. But I love it.
I’ve had pink hair before (it’s in my drivers license photo) but never with a fringe.

For the 10 year old Bek who never wanted a pink bedroom because it was too girly- I’ve failed you. But 28 year old Bek knows that you can still be a tomboy with pink hair.




17 thoughts on “A change is as good as a holiday?

  1. Your hot pink hair looks really C@@L 🙂 Makes me smile, since my 10 year old Jackie never EVER wanted anything pink or with “hearts” … and now just look at my blog! ❤

    1. Thanks 🙂
      It’s easier than you think. It gives confidence because every morning I look in the mirror and go. Awesome I have pink/teal/purple/fantastic hair.

  2. I want it! The stupid hospital where I work doesn’t even want you to have a single streak of color in your hair. I get it, but I don’t have to like it. Way to rock it!

    1. I’m very lucky my boss/workplace realise that ability doesn’t depend on the colour of my hair.
      It probably helps that I don’t deal with the general public. I’ve worked in customer service and they usually have more rules than office based work.

  3. Do a lot of people where you live in Australia have punk hair? If so, I would love to see pictures of random groups of people on the streets of Australia in every day life doing every day things. It would be a great photo study. It would be like walking skeins of yarn and what a colorful world that would be. Here it would be very rare although I have seen a few. To me it seems like a lot of work that I am too lazy to do.

    1. I have a pretty small social circle, but I do see people around with similar hair. Particularly when I go to music festivals.
      I love colour and it’s such a mood changer. But yes it’s a lot of work. Another reason why I let my regrowth take over so often.

      1. Go for it Granny!!!! I love Grannies who just do their own thing showing the world that being old doesn’t have to be being old!!!!!!

    1. I love bright red hair.
      It makes me think of Joan from Mad Men. She rocks red hair so well it’s odd seeing Cristina Hendricks as a blonde in Firefly

  4. Do you have any recommendations for temporary hair color that lasts only one or two weeks? I’ve always wanted a crazy color streak and I have a vacation coming up during which I could take advantage of it…so long as I could return to work without any trace of it. Dress code.

    1. I’ve heard about hair chalk which lasts for about a day.
      The biggest issue it not with the dye, but with the bleaching. Unless you have blonde streaks any colour isn’t going to take well.

      In Aus there’s a brand called Live that does a 6 wash range in purples and blues. They say it takes 6 washes to get out but in my hair it’s two. They may go over your everyday hair colour (assuming it’s still the same as your picture)

      1. Interesting!! I had no idea it was so much work!!! I would rather paint a canvas. lol No bleaching. Less time. Lasts forever……………… But everyone has their own way of expressing who they are. That is a good thing.

    1. I think most people have a crazy hair story from their youth. I just haven’t grown out of it.
      I aspire to be the granny at the bowls club with the pink wash in her hair.

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