I spun yarn!

Last night I put on my big girl britches, went out, was sociable, and learnt something.
I spun yarn (sung to the tune of I Got Burned by the Bamboos if anyone’s curious.)

I met twitter friend and blogger Molly, who was teaching a spinning class at the Artifactory. I hadn’t even heard of the Artifactory before, but it’s an awesome space where creative people can hang out and make things.
While we were learning to spin, there was a band practicing, and there were people working on projects.


Molly showed us the most amazing yarn that she had spun herself! I was absolute in awe and even more determined to be able to do this.


Being the uncoordinated lady I am (so many unexplained bruises) it was an awkward beginning. But eventually it began to make sense. Words like ‘travelling twist’ started to look like something and not just random words.

And I was spinning!
I don’t think my yarn is going to win any awards, but it’s my yarn!

Stay tuned for more spinning adventures of Bek.





11 thoughts on “I spun yarn!

  1. Yay funsies! WERK IT GURRRL. I hoping to learn to spin after I move; my crazy Jesus-freak cousin already knows how, but…well. We are very different people.

    1. I have a few of those for cousins, and two for parents and one for a brother. I also watched a lot of youtube videos before going.
      Drafting is hard though.

      1. I was an anthropology major in uni. My mother is a creationist. It is…easier to avoid those convos, bc people be cray-cray. Like, science doesn’t matter if you pray hard enough! Or whatever!

        Anywho- if drafting isn’t drawing, I don’t know what that is. Meh??

      2. Haha yeh people be crazy.

        Drafting is a yarn thing I learnt last night. My first though should have been about drafting as drawing (as that’s a bit work related) but I thought about the AFL draft instead. My mind works in weird ways.

        (See this time I used returns in the right places to separate my two trains of thought appropriately- which is didn’t in the first comment.)

  2. Yay, Congrats on entering down the rabbit hole of spinning. But seriously way to go for trying a few new things at once. Your spinning may not seem as good as the ones produced by your friend, yet, but I would still hold on to them, they are great ways to mark your progress.

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