Of spinning and plying

I’ve been practicing with my drop spindle this week and it’s frustrating me.

I still haven’t got the hang of it. I’m pretty sure my technique is terrible because every time I try and draft the drop spindle spins the opposite way to the way it was.

But I have plied some commercial yarns together.

That was quite fun.

I plied a white dk weight, a grey sock weight, and a multi coloured fingering weight together.

The end result was very cool. It looks a lot better than my efforts with merino fleece.





9 thoughts on “Of spinning and plying

  1. It takes a lot of practice and patience. You’ll get there. Good idea to practice with commercial yarn.

  2. Are you using the park and draft method? I know there are pros and cons to using it, but it be helpful for starting? Also I know merino tends to be less grabby which might be part f the issue? Just thought I would throw my limited knowledge out there. Best of luck!!

    1. Park and draft is the only way I can get any success.
      As soon as try to draft and spin at the same time it spins backwards.
      I’ll try a few more tutorials. It’s had to click at some point.

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