Of spinning and plying

I’ve been practicing with my drop spindle this week and it’s frustrating me.

I still haven’t got the hang of it. I’m pretty sure my technique is terrible because every time I try and draft the drop spindle spins the opposite way to the way it was.

But I have plied some commercial yarns together.

That was quite fun.

I plied a white dk weight, a grey sock weight, and a multi coloured fingering weight together.

The end result was very cool. It looks a lot better than my efforts with merino fleece.




I spun yarn!

Last night I put on my big girl britches, went out, was sociable, and learnt something.
I spun yarn (sung to the tune of I Got Burned by the Bamboos if anyone’s curious.)

I met twitter friend and blogger Molly, who was teaching a spinning class at the Artifactory. I hadn’t even heard of the Artifactory before, but it’s an awesome space where creative people can hang out and make things.
While we were learning to spin, there was a band practicing, and there were people working on projects.


Molly showed us the most amazing yarn that she had spun herself! I was absolute in awe and even more determined to be able to do this.


Being the uncoordinated lady I am (so many unexplained bruises) it was an awkward beginning. But eventually it began to make sense. Words like ‘travelling twist’ started to look like something and not just random words.

And I was spinning!
I don’t think my yarn is going to win any awards, but it’s my yarn!

Stay tuned for more spinning adventures of Bek.