Of Skyrim and Villagers

There’s been a lot of paper-rock-scissors in out household recently.

Grand Theft Auto 5, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 have recently come into our possession. I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy XIII and I also know that there’s a new Gran Turismo coming out soon. So playstation time is in high demand.

One night when HeWhoFishes was (wait for it) out fishing, I spent a Friday night playing Skyrim and listening to Villagers.

And something about this song in particular reminds me of the that game.
Like the two fit together somehow if that makes any sense at all.

I like games with quests and dragons and adventure and somehow Villagers has captured all that with a song.




3 thoughts on “Of Skyrim and Villagers

  1. Gosh, I never even finished Final Fantasy XII! I found that as the series went on and became more linear (less walking around and getting lost for hours) I enjoyed it less because there was less thinking involved. Also, I had a hard time acclimating to having characters with voices instead of word bubbles. Bubbles are so much faster!

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