FO#24 – Elementary Watson socks

I have been killing it at being an adult this week. My giant to-do list is getting shorter, our new house is now insured, our apartment is one step closer to being rented out, and in a surprise twist almost all of my Christmas shopping is done.

Mums pressie has been done for ages, the family over east just needs wrapping, and a pair of socks for Dad came off the needles this week.

Although technically they are a birthday present. There are 3 December birthdays in my family which I tend to include as part of Christmas shopping.

The pattern is elementary Watson. It’s cables like this that make me wish I was attracted to solid sock yarn.
The pattern does get lost in the self striping, but it’s still there.

I particularly liked the fleegel heel. I think I’ll be using that again in the near future.
And as usual these are toe up, two at a time, magic looped on my trusty 2.5mm Addi Turbos.




This is sock number 7 this year! I have to get shuffle on if I’m going to make 12. Methinks slightly larger needles for the next pair.



10 thoughts on “FO#24 – Elementary Watson socks

  1. Yeah self striping and patterns often don’t mix. I know someone who’s doing a 52 pair challenge. If you master 12 you could always try that 😉

  2. I am being completely stupid but how can you knit 2 pairs at once on circular needles? I have just finished my first ever sock which I knitted top down on a circular. I really enjoyed it and I am going to complete the second one, I am , I am, I am 🙂

  3. Oh now you’re making me feel guilty because I have two different socks from different pairs on the needles, both of which I feel ambivalent about. The idea was to try to make myself love socks, but it’s just not working for me, I can knit them, but I just don’t enjoy it. Yours are lovely though and I like the cables with the self striping yarn 🙂

    1. I have a cowl on the needles that’s like that.
      It’s going to be great once it’s finished, but it the magical knitting fairies came along and finished it I wouldn’t be upset.

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