Turn around bright eyes

A very special moose has her growing older day tomorrow.

When I first met the moose way back in 2005, there was a lot of karaoke.

And from the very beginning there was Bonnie Tyler.

The first time was in Kalamunda on a Thursday night. We fumbled our way through a disco version which thankfully was never to be repeated.

But since then, audiences at various locations all around town, have been privileged enough to witness Beks & Jen singing Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

And so the idea for a cushion was born.

The original idea was to make a print out of the lyrics and have that all over the cushion. But making them centered looked better (and I’ll admit was slightly easier.)

I transferred the lyrics from my computer to the fabric using tshirt transfer paper.

The reverse side is Eiffel Towers just in case any one visits her that wouldn’t understand why she has a cushion with the lyrics to total eclipse of the heart on it. (But really it’s because a cushion needs two sides.)

And the number one reason Jen keeps getting awesome Beks Handmade Originals is the delighted squee and thanks I get every single time.

Best friends forever!





(Yes there are hand actions – yes there was much singing whilst making this – & yes this is why I made a Beks&Jen epic playlist about a month ago. I can keep a project secret if I have to)





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