Anne of Green Gables Yarn Collection

Caity-Rosey made up a fun game yesterday and I wanted to join in.

Imagine being hired by a yarn company to come up with names for all their colorways. Total carte blanche to name them any way I want, using any wild inspiration that tickles my fancy. They pay me big bucks to do this, too.

Caity-Rosey’s collections were based on The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe & Island of the Blue Dolphins. I highly recommend checking them out.

I decided my first collection would be based on Anne of Green Gables. (All of these beautiful yarns are from etsy. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to the place where you can spend your hard earned money)


the haunted wood
scope for imagination
white way of delight
bosom friends
the lake of shining waters


puffed sleeves
Carrots! Carrots!
raspberry cordial
depths of despair



6 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables Yarn Collection

  1. Thanks for joining in. You know, I was doodling around with a list for Anne of Green Gables this afternoon. You picked most of the same colorway ideas I did.

    1. Sorry! I meant to borrow your idea, but I didn’t think I would steal your next post! It’s such a great book for inspiration.
      It really was a lot of fun putting together this post though.
      I’m thinking of doing a Persuasion influenced list next.

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