FO26 – lettuce of lothlorien

Whilst moving house there was 5 days when I didn’t pick up my needles at all.
Every time I thought about knitting there was something slightly more pressing that needed unpacking or organising.

By the sixth day I was getting slightly stir crazy and so I cast on two pairs of socks, untangled some yarn that I needed to finish a shawl, and started a hat.

It is going to be crazy hot here over the next week. So even though a hat isn’t the most practical item of clothing for an Australian summer, it is a practical item to knit.
Urgh, just thinking about having a jumper or a blanket on my lap is making me uncomfortable.

We still don’t have wireless internet at home, so I’ve been making do with using my phone as a hotspot to get the internet through my ipad (definitely #firstworldproblems).
I started the hat working from my ipad, until I had the pattern firmly in my head. I finished the required 4 rounds and then started the decreases.
I did the right thing and checked the decrease chart to make sure I was following the pattern.

Silly Bek picked up her phone, checked the last pattern that was open and followed that not realising that it was not the same pattern.

So I now have a half lettuce / half hues of lothlorien. A lettuce of lothlorien.
I am still pretty happy with it though.
The wide cables are gorgeous (without actually doing any cabling) and even if the decreases could be steeper it blocked out nicely.

If I was to make this again (which I probably will because I do really like both patterns) I would probably make it into a cowl.
And maybe play around with the drape. The needle size & yarn combination only just worked on a hat.

If you look closely you’ll see that there are two side plates inside the hat which I used to block it with.

You’ll also have to bear with me while I figure out the best times to take photos.
Clearly 11pm after I’ve just finished weaving in the ends doesn’t get the best light.






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