Blankie progress

My crochet blanket is coming along like a house on fire.

That’s a pretty bad analogy considering all the bush fires in Australia at the moment.

But it’s coming along really quickly.

I’m bound to slow up soon.
At the moment I’ve got the squares memorised.




I still think I’ll be lucky to finish it this year but I’m making a go of it.




8 thoughts on “Blankie progress

  1. Lacy and lovely! I like the colors. I’m pretty crap at crochet- but you’re giving me the itch! 😛 bee tee dubs (BTW)- I hope you show us that shawl you’ve got all pinned out soon!

  2. I really like the pattern you’re using for the squares! I’m making a crochet blanket too, but using the basic granny pattern and only using black, grey, and more grey – ___ – It’s a bit boring! Your is much more cheerful! ^___^

  3. this is so cool! i LOVE crochet blankets, im currently begging my friend to make one for me, this rocks! love love love your blog! andddd I am your newest follower! hey-o!

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

    [also, there is a little giveaway up on my blog at the moment]

  4. Ooohhh… pretty! ❤ Blankets take commitment, which I’ve not yet found… but have always wanted to make a blanket full of tiny squares like that! How many squares will you need total?

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