SOTW – Cold War Kids

I participated in the rite of passage which is learning piano.
Sometimes I hated practicing. Other times it was the only way I could think.

Lately I’ve been wondering if I could still play.
Of course I would need to find an in tune piano somewhere that no one else could hear me.
And as I can’t think of where that place might be, I have to be content with daydreaming.

This is the song that started my wondering. If I could find my magical piano of solitude this is what I would try to play.



2 thoughts on “SOTW – Cold War Kids

    1. All us kids did piano first – with varying levels of success because we were all rather different personalities.
      No my brother plays trumpet in the church band, my other brother is learning guitar, and I sing loudly in the shower/kitchen/car.

      Even if it just instils a love of music I think it’s worth it. Plus now is a really awesome time to learn piano because there’s so many awesome piano based bands to emulate. They were few and far between when I was learning. (Except the titanic song – Piano teachers must have hated that song. I know my parents did when me and the girl next door would both be practising it at the same time. There was no escape!)

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