Reading Roundup

I’ve been on a book buying binge recently. It seems like every where I look, cool people that I trust are recommending books. I set myself a challenge of 20 books this year, and I’ve finished 5 already.

Sarahcastically is responsible for me racing through Crewel, only to discover the second book hasn’t arrived yet. (Hurry up!)
The premise of this book is really interesting and difficult to explain.
Really difficult.
But it’s a fascinating world with references to weaving and looms with a bit of political intrigue and of course there’s a love triangle.
The second book is in the mail and hopefully it will arrive soon.

The lovely Marnie recently leant me Patrick Rothfuss’ first book The Name of the Wind. I devoured that last year and then needed the second book straight away.
I’ve recently finished that and am now anxiously awaiting the third book which is still being written. This was one of those situations where she leant me the book, and then I had to buy it.
It will be re-read as there’s so much in there to digest, frequent call backs and hints about what’s to come.

Sylvia Plath has always been on my to-read list, and I actually got around to reading The Bell Jar this year. I’m glad that I did.
I wish I had read it years ago.

Touch of Power by Maria V.Snyder was on sale at Big W for $10 a book. There were two Maria V.Snyder trilogies on sale and I chose the one with the prettiest covers. The Goodreads consensus is that I chose the wrong series, but it was an easy read and kept be entertained. Onto the next one.

The Toast told me about Red Dress Walking.
I’m a sucker for a story told from two perspectives, particularly one about relationships. I wasn’t completely sucked in by the story, a couple of times I rolled my eyes at the actions of the characters. But overall I enjoyed it and would probably read it again in a year to revisit the story.






5 thoughts on “Reading Roundup

  1. Yeah, I’ve been plowing through audio books lately too. Not all are good but when there’s a deal on Audible I’m willing to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Right now I’m reading something very silly called Etiquette and Espionage. Teenage girls at a pseduo-Victorian finishing school for lady-spies.

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