FO #8 Sunshine & Lollipops

I still don’t know what quite possessed me to make a bright yellow cardigan.

I guess it’s like when you see a paint sample and it looks really pretty, but then you put it on the wall and are overwhelmed by the overall effect.

When I was surrounded by the 40% off all yarn sale, with all those yarn fumes and balls of squishy goodness, the yellow Moda Vera Ayanna looked beautiful.

Teeny-tiny needles are not my friends at the moment so I’ve been looking for bulky yarns and chunky patterns.

Fezziwig absolutely flew off the needles relatively speaking. It still took me about a month to finish but as someone who is trying NOT to knit it still felt like it was going quickly. The construction was really easy, sure picking up 200+ stitches was a bit of a pain, but not having to attach sleeves more than made up for that. I’m terrified of patterns that have attached sleeves. It just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The best thing about it is that it’s so warm. It’s like wearing a wooly blanket made from sunshine and lollipops with pockets!!!







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