All the FF7 Feelings

It was Christmas 1998*. My parents bought me and my two younger brothers a PlayStation and a game each. 

My youngest brother got A Bugs Life. My middle brother got Need for Speed game. 

I got Final Fantasy 7. It’s likely that my parents didn’t know anything about the game except that it won lots of awards and was a high seller. 

So I played it. And formed an emotional attachment to Cloud, and Barret, and Tifa, and Aeris. Oh Aeris. You are still my username on many different websites and I will always refuse to call you Aerith. I’m stubborn like that. 

I joined the Internet and found walkthroughs and discussions and other people who also played FF7. 

But I was at high school. I had homework to do, plus the PlayStation was a shared present. 

Eventually I clocked up about 140 hours, finished the story and started to play again. And then again. Exploring the world and exploring the characters. 

It didn’t matter about the graphics or some of the odd translations. It was still the game that I first loved.

I was at a new job, hardly knew anyone and I heard Cloud’s victory theme as someone’s ringtone. Instant friendship formed right there and then. 

Aeris’ theme is still one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I’m tearing up a bit listening to it now. 

I wrote a Uni essay on the music of Nobuo Uematsu and how video game scores is the current standard outlet for classical composers. I still stand by my claim that this could be played on ABC Classic Radio and no listener would automatically assume it was from a video game soundtrack.  

I still have that PlayStation. And until a few years back I was playing FF7 on that console until the memory card broke and I realised I could play it on PS3. 

Then I bought some other games and still kept going back to FF7 (hint it looks almost playable on VITA – and terrible on a 48″ TV). I played Dragon Age and Mass Effect and Assasins Creed and found new characters and worlds to absorb myself into.

Yesterday Twitter exploded on me. I’m not a huge game nerd who pays attention to the goings on and game releases. I figure if it’s good enough Meg or Marnie or another one of my Twitter lovelies will tell me what I need to play. 

But yesterday E3 announced Final Fantasy 7 is getting a remake and it is taking all of my strength to not post this in all caps right now. All of my feelings, my childhood game…..

The characters I escaped into are now being remade into high definition. 

This makes me unbelievably excited and scared at the same time. 

I love this story, I love these characters and part of me loves them just the way they are. But there’s another part that is so excited. 

I want to see this remake. I want to see how these characters are taken and remade and updated. 

I am excited. The most exited I’ve ever been about a trailer in my life. 

As soon as I saw South Edge on the train map I had suspicions and then as soon as I saw the slide just outside of Sector 7 I just knew. 

I don’t know when it’s due for release, but be prewarned that I’ll be hibernating for a little while. 

*dates may not be 100% correct. It was 1998 and I didn’t historically document what Christmas presents I got at 13. 


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