A sunny spring afternoon

* A good book
* A cute man
* Some pretty flowers
* A home made skirt thanks Gertie!
* Goblin Green fingernails (see the little goblin)
* Listening to The Decemberists in the sunshine
* Fish tacos
* Cold beers
* Repeats of scrubs
* a neapolitan sundae in a teacup
* Mouserat songs (in the pit)
* Happiness

the skirt
my handmade polka dot skirt

soaking up the sunshine
soaking up the sunshine
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weekends pass too quickly

Another weekend has ended but no photographs to show for it!

But I made a beautiful polka dot skirt, put together a flat pack desk, spent some quality time with my best friend and her new squeeze, had a father day lunch with the in-laws, watched my football team avoid last place, and went and saw Wicked! the musical.

I think I’m back at work for a break.

Wicked! was absolutely fantastic (or wonderful!). I know i’m a bit late to the game but I have always loved musical theatre. I was always involved in musical theatre in High School and it brought back a whole heap of memories.

I would have loved to have been at Port Adelaide’s first game at Adelaide Oval, but tickets were too expensive ($700+ from Perth to Adelaide return!), but we scraped our third win for the season and avoided last place.

And I’ll do a full post on my new skirt this week. I can’t believe I wore it non-stop all weekend and not one single photo.

So overall a very good weekend, and I can now start looking forward to this weekend (..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead… excitement!!!)

beks xx