An impulse purchase

Somehow when I was buying a couch I managed to find one with built in stash storage.
I didn’t know this when I bought it. But somehow all of my works in progress have gradually migrated to this ledge between the couch and the wall.
It was a brilliant solution.
But I lived with someone who (quite understandably) didn’t think this solution was so brilliant. Mostly because I have a habit of going to bed and leaving my knitting on the couch instead of using the ledge.
Which leads to me hogging the couch when I’m not around.



So look at my new stash storage!!

It was an impulse buy from Bunnings and we ummed and ahhed before taking the plunge.
It does fit the space OK considering we didn’t measure it first.

Now all I need to do it fill it!!!



weekends pass too quickly

Another weekend has ended but no photographs to show for it!

But I made a beautiful polka dot skirt, put together a flat pack desk, spent some quality time with my best friend and her new squeeze, had a father day lunch with the in-laws, watched my football team avoid last place, and went and saw Wicked! the musical.

I think I’m back at work for a break.

Wicked! was absolutely fantastic (or wonderful!). I know i’m a bit late to the game but I have always loved musical theatre. I was always involved in musical theatre in High School and it brought back a whole heap of memories.

I would have loved to have been at Port Adelaide’s first game at Adelaide Oval, but tickets were too expensive ($700+ from Perth to Adelaide return!), but we scraped our third win for the season and avoided last place.

And I’ll do a full post on my new skirt this week. I can’t believe I wore it non-stop all weekend and not one single photo.

So overall a very good weekend, and I can now start looking forward to this weekend (..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead… excitement!!!)

beks xx

the joys of homeownership – post flooding

My house is a shambles.

There is flatpack everywhere.

More importantly part of my bed is blocking the thoroughfare from the kitchen to the fridge. Needless to say, that made dinner a very awkward exercise, having to straddle a piece of flatpack to get between the oven/sink and the fridge/the rest of the house.

And of course it ended in disaster.

I burnt the vegies, burnt myself on the casserole dish I was cooking the vegies in, dropped the lid of said ($80) casserole dish (thankfully it just smashed the handle and I didn’t cut myself), and the gravy didn’t thicken.

But the lamb was still delicious.

I put together a chest of drawers and an underfloor box, J put together the wardrobe and a spare cupboard.

And tonight we get to assemble the bed. And then that’s it.

I am really looking forward to not sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

The lady at Ikea who put the wardrobe order through put through 2 x cupboard doors when we only needed one, but thankfully they’re going to come and pick them up (and give me a refund).

And then (hopefully) my house will be back in a controlled state of dysfunction, not the uncontrolled.

I will be so glad once this has all been sorted and my house will be back to normal.

I am so grateful that I had insurance and RAC sorted it all out (I’m not one for product placement but credit where credit’s due).

They paid for the hotel (that we witnessed the incident leading to the dead body being found, but that’s not their fault), we got all the money back for the clothes, furniture, carpets, and peripherals that got damaged.

Now if only my strata would actually fix the plumbing problem.


The flatpack was all between the kitchen and the fridge.


Wine is essential when putting together flatpack.



A completed chest of drawers/bedside table.


The lamb roast.


And the failed gravy. More corn flour next time perhaps. And less flatpack.