don’t eat muffins while i’m improving you

Mr Sparklesness cooked dinner Wednesday night.

He cooked my recipe for chicken parma.

He bought chicken breast because the smallest IGA in the world (the one closest to my house) doesn’t sell chicken thigh, which is what I usually use.

So he schnitzeled that, cooked it, put it in a pan, added ham, cheese, and tinned tomato and put it in the oven.

Cooked up some corn to go with it. Some baked potatoes and carrots and dinner was served.

Another dish other than breakfast or brinner for his repertoire.

(title courtesy of Black Books, which I really re-watch sometime soon)

Pictured with salad which was my lunch the next day.





Comfort food is required

Apricot chicken with rice, the way mum made it.
Out of a packet.

Chicken drumsticks, coated in apricot chicken mix, apricot nectar, and put in the oven until slightly burnt (exactly the way I remember).
Then served with white rice.

Accompanied by a new knitting project (bathius scarf) and finishing series 3 of Mad Men.


An impromptu schnitzel

I hate food shopping. I really do.
Shopping overwhelms me.

There are too many decisions, too much noise, and if I go in without a list I immediately forget the three items that I was meant to pick up.

So it’s something I avoid, so when I do go shopping I tend to buy in as much bulk as my small kitchen will allow me to.

All that planning means that I can usually whip something up on those nights when plans fall through.

And so instead of going out for dinner we had an impromptu schnitzel. Well more of a chicken parma but parma purists would be a little horrified by my version.

The (once-frozen)chicken thighs were beaten with a rolling-pin, and then coated in egg and then coated in breadcrumbs. This was the schnitzel part. They were then fried in some oil in a frying pan.

Once the bread crumbs had gone all golden, they went on some absorbent paper (to drain some of that oil), and then onto a baking tray.
On top of the schnitzel went a slice of ham, some grated cheese, and enough tinned tomatoes to just cover the schnitzel. I didn’t want too much tomato stuck to the bottom of the baking tray.
And then to top it off, a line of HP sauce down the centre.
That went into a hot oven for about 10 minutes.

Whilst that was in the oven, I boiled some fresh corn (which once cooked was coated in butter), some carrots, green beans, andbok choy

And this was the end result.
“Next time more chicken”, and “I hope this doesn’t become one of those things that you make once and never make again”.

So smiles all round!




Lemony chickeny

After a hard day watching series 1 of Mad Men, dinner had to be easy. So I adapted my own recipe.

The chicken was coated in flour and lemon pepper, and then fried in hot oil.
Once the chicken was browned, a pint glass of chicken stock was poured over to bubble away.
Then an egg yolk and the juice of 3 small lemons was added.

The chicken was then poured over two packages of Mie Goreng noodles which had some frozen carrots, corn, broccoli, and cauliflower, in it.

Serve and done.

I added a little too much pepper for my liking, and a little too much lemon for J’s liking.
But it went down a treat.

Followed by some strawberry ice cream (with milo sprinkles), and a diamond fizz (because all I had to mix gin with was sparkling, apparently that’s a thing).

Apologies for the bad photos, I was hungry.



the day after On The Bright Side

We had a sleep in.

J lost his voice and tried not to speak all day.

Did our washing at a laundromat, while we’re waiting for our washing machine to get fixed.

I finished off a hat that I started, but have plans to frog it.

I made chicken and corn soup (with a trip to the shops in the process).

I fixed our internet connection.

J played Gran Turismo.

I made cheese and bacon muffins

We went to the casino for a silent dinner, watched Mark Webber lose pole position.

Went home and watched some tele and fell asleep.






Monday. The start of the week.
I’m always a little bit more enthusiastic on a monday – well as ado an as i get home from work.
Mondays at work are never productive but Monday afternoons seem to be.

So full of gusto, I cleaned the bathroom, started cleaning the kitchen, and decided to tackle a nice veggie filled dinner.

The veggies were boiled.
The carrots went in first, then the cauliflower. The bok choy and snow peas went in at the very end just to blanch.

The chicken was grilled in a little bit of butter (mmm butter). Then once that was cooked some sauvignon blanc (I’m getting better with my wines) went in to deglaze the pan. After that had boiled off, some chicken stock and cream went in to make a sauce. Some fresh parsley and chives topped off the sauce and that was it.

And the best thing was, after eating it I don’t feel bloated and stuffed.
Great way to start the week.