Cut Chemist – Festival Gardens

Perth Festival has been impeccable this year.
Not only is the location darling (see my post on Death Cab for pics of the rubber ducky fairy lights) but there have been some awesome bands too.

Cut Chemist are one of my Misters bands. The story goes, if he hadn’t have discovered Cut Chemist then he would still be into gangsta rap, and his first impression would not have impressed me enough to date him.
I still can’t stand rap, but Cut Chemist’s talent is undeniable.

He is a talented musician on those turntables. Just watching what he can do is impressive.

And he’s a nice guy too! He came out and signed some merch and my bloke got a photo with him (which has made all of his workmates very jealous).
We also saw Russell Woolfe (a local radio celeb) who was also really nice as we chewed his ear off while he was having a night off.

Cut Chemist isn’t an artist I would buy a CD of (the Mister certainly would) but his live show was very entertaining.