Stuck in my head – two door cinema club

Do other people’s music tastes change seasonally?

Every year I make a summer playlist. Somehow I have a special significance placed on finding a song that defines summer.
Quite often it also ties into trying to pick who’s going to take out triple j’s Hottest 100.

So I’ve started making my 2013 summer playlist and its really dancey.
(Or dancey by my definition).

I’m sure that as we get closer to summer and it becomes more than 10 songs, the genre will become less pronounced but this is the leading contender for my summer song.

(And not just because of the name)

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stuck in my head – ms mr

You know when the fates align, when even though it feels like all you’ve done for the last 2 weeks is, go to work, come home, look at the mess that surrounds you, decide that knitting is a better way to spend your time rather than cleaning or cooking or being an adult about things, get hungry, cook something uninspiring, knit some more, sleep, wake up tired, go to work, repeat, and somehow a song manages to find its way into your head and you wonder where it’s been all this time?

Well between this post by and the laneway lineup, the universe has told me to listen to this band.
[Sidenote – i’m so bummed that Of Monsters And Men are only playing the east coast. I blame living in the most isolated capital city in the world.]

Suddenly after not having heard this song before, I can sing almost every word and it is stuck in my head constantly.

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I have no voice to speak of

Well the weekend got off to a bang when I made another hairpin skirt.
Then a yarn sale! Spotlight had all their yarn reduced so I picked up some more sock yarn (you can never have enough sock yarn!) and some Moda Vera Shiver in green.
Then it was back home to watch the football (port had a pretty dismal loss – with a very sickening injury in the last 30 seconds), and then go out to watch the football. The hawks – eagles game was very strange. And hawks lost which really sucked.
But at least it stopped raining after the girl next to me bought a $5 poncho. She was not impressed.

Then Sunday was spent In The Pines.
RTRfm is Perths community radio station, and they do a lot to promote local music. And in particular bands that wouldn’t otherwise have a voice.
And it was a tops way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Lieing on a picnic blanket with a couple (ok three) bottles of wine, some good music and great company.
In particular I think it might have been a first for a couple of the heavy metal bands to have someone knitting in their audience.

Dancing like a mad person to San Cisco, swooning at the sexy violin playing of The Kill Devil Hills, and rocking out to Sugar Army were the highlights of a wonderful day. Very impressed with the way it was organised and looking forward to going along next year. 20120423-130148.jpg















Cut Chemist – Festival Gardens

Perth Festival has been impeccable this year.
Not only is the location darling (see my post on Death Cab for pics of the rubber ducky fairy lights) but there have been some awesome bands too.

Cut Chemist are one of my Misters bands. The story goes, if he hadn’t have discovered Cut Chemist then he would still be into gangsta rap, and his first impression would not have impressed me enough to date him.
I still can’t stand rap, but Cut Chemist’s talent is undeniable.

He is a talented musician on those turntables. Just watching what he can do is impressive.

And he’s a nice guy too! He came out and signed some merch and my bloke got a photo with him (which has made all of his workmates very jealous).
We also saw Russell Woolfe (a local radio celeb) who was also really nice as we chewed his ear off while he was having a night off.

Cut Chemist isn’t an artist I would buy a CD of (the Mister certainly would) but his live show was very entertaining.








Death Cab For Cutie – Festival Gardens

I seem to be gushing a lot lately, but Death Cab on Saturday night were amazing. Festival Gardens is an awesome venue and I sincerely wish that it becomes a permanent venue, not just for 3 weeks during festival.

Couches should be mandatory at gigs. It felt like we were watching a band whilst relaxing at home.
It also helps when the band you’re watching is polished and professional.

Fun times.












St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

Anyone that follows me on instagram would know that I went to Laneway festival on Saturday. M83 were definitely the highlight, followed pretty closely by Girls and The Drums.

But what I think I like most about laneway is the laid back attitude of most patrons. Everyone is there to listen to some good bands and have a really great day.

The sound issues of two years ago had been fixed (nothing worse than trying to listen to the silence which js as much a part of the xx’s sound as their actual music, when the silence is another band in the background), and drink lines and amenity lines were always short and sweet.

Awesome day and awesome vibe. See you next year.