A lovely floral number

I have a floral addiction. It’s not always that I can find long dresses.
I’m 5’10 which means I’m the shortest in my family, but tall by dress making standards.

It’s from temt, who always have really cheap but cute clothing. I think temt must be the forever 21 of Australia. This dress was on $7 on sale and I love it.

It has twirl ability.






Weekend musings

I had the weekend to myself. Yay!

It’s not very often I do, but as the Mister went on a fishing trip (I love fishing trips) and it was a successful one so he was away for two nights.
Sure it means sleeping alone (being able to hog the bed), and fending for myself (fruit loops for dinner), but it’s nice to have some space too. (I’m trying to make out like I missed him – which I did).

So I cleaned the house and twirled around in new, pretty dresses.
I watched series 2 (including the Christmas episode) of Downton Abbey.
It wasn’t as well paced as series 1, but still enjoyable. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
I previously boycotted it, as I didn’t like the way it was being promoted on Australian Commercial Television, but after hearing so many good things on I decided I needed to give it a shot.
I watched everything I could in 3 days. Completely addicted. I grew so emotionally invested, in such a short space of time. I loved to hate O’Brien and Thomas, mourned for Daisy and William, and loved the spunk of Lady Sybil.

Alone time also means Mad Men. I rewatched series 4 (just because I could), as I got dressed up to go to my little brother’s graduation. 3 hours of clapping, but I am very proud that he found something he wanted to study and stuck with it long enough to get a degree (and I’m not saying that because he doesn’t stick with things, because he does. I just believe that’s a massive achievement).

I went shopping and bought some pretty dresses and new tights. Turns out not many places stock tights when its 35 degrees outside. But Myer had a 30% sale, so I stocked up (bright red! love hearts! roses!)

So all in all it was a lovely weekend to myself. And I am definitely glad of a relaxing weekend after the madness that has been the last few months. But it’s about to get hectic again soon.
I’m looking forward to Australia Day this week (4 day weekend). And the lovely Miss Stina is doing a guest post for me! (excitement!)
And then it’s a gig every week in February.
Excitement all round!

Hope you all had a good weekend – get up to much??




Outfit post

It’s been a long time between outfit posts.
But I felt inspired by my new floaty top. And it’s a Friday afternoon and the Mister isn’t home (he would find the whole concept horribly narcissistic and pointless – and would probably ask why I think this outfit is worth taking a photo of).

Well of course it is narcissistic, but I’m ok with that.

And I love this outfit because it will be perfect for summer festivals, days at the cricket, or beer gardens by the beach.

Summer is in the air.