Southbound Monday

Woke up surprisingly chipper.
Well my mates thought I’d be a lot worse, but I still maintain it was those two smokes that hit me. After not smoking for over a year, two smokes is enough. And I don’t get a hangover from smoking.
There was no one in the morning that we really wanted to see, so most of the boys went into Busso, and my boy, marnie, and I went in search of shade.
We wandered around rather aimlessly. Went to the Little Creatures tent for some pizza and listened to a bit of Pond who I like (in moderation, and in the right mood).
Then went into the Paper stage for what ended up being most of the day.

We were really just hanging out for the Rapture at 7:35. But we enjoyed Dan Kelly’s Dream Band (who doesn’t have an allmusic entry). My boy told me that he was the first Aboriginal ARIA award winner since Yothu Yindi, but all weekend we were getting, Paul Kelly, Dan Kelly, and Dan Sultan confused and mixed up. I thought allmusic might be able to clear that up, maybe not.
Anyways, he was quite enjoyable. A very laid back style but a couple of catchy songs. One lilting acoustic number had the chorus ‘cock sucking mother fucking’ which two of the guys up the back obviously found hilarious, and so they joined in at the top of their lungs.

Next up was The Cool Kids, who Marnie and I thought were terrible. But the alternatives were Ash Grunwald (not a fan) or Jonathan Boulet (who admittedly I haven’t heard of, but it was all the way over there, and in the sun) so we couldn’t be bothered going anywhere, and so we took the piss out of it among ourselves. Some of the boys rocked up during that time and they enjoyed it – so each to their own.

Sampology were up next, who I hadn’t heard of, but my boy had and he had said stick around for this. And were we glad that we did. (check out sampology) It was a one hour set of video and audio, pop culture references, old hits, new jams, doctor who references, the little mermaid, and finished it all off with the muppets version of bohemian rhapsody. It had these two gals dancing their pants off.

Next was Jamaica, who can’t have been terrible, and can’t have been good, because I have no real impression of them. The time was generally spent drinking, chatting, and having a grand old time.

We got back to the tent for The Rapture, who I had seen two years ago at FutureMusicFestival and absolutely loved. And I loved them again. Played a good mix of tracks from both albums, and even the girls who hadn’t heard any of their stuff before had a great time. My favourite is always ‘woo alright yeah.. uh huh’ which given the running references all weekend to woo girls went down a treat.

The Rapture overlapped with The Klaxons so as soon as they finished I rushed off, having previously said that I would meet them all in the spot that we had been sitting all weekend. No one heard me so I used up all my drink tickets, drank all of them by myself, and danced like their was no tomorrow. And I had a blast. I still had half an eye out for the group so every so often I would yell out one of my boyfriends nicknames (also a slang word for penis – don’t ask me why, the name predates our relationship by many years), which a group of 17 year olds found hilarious. I managed to convince them to yell with me, which was quite fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the Klaxons set, although not quite as much as The Rapture (and I think between those two styles of music that’s a fair comparison).

I got back to the tent apparently at just the right time after some argy bargy between the boys, which I was happily oblivious to until a week after. And after the previous nights hijinks I was taking care to be very well behaved, although I still ended up with a sharpie leg tattoo but that came off the next day.

It was an early night, which was a good thing as the next morning we got out of there as soon as possible, packed it all up again, and left.

And it turns out that Busselton to Mandurah is exactly the length of Broken Bells – Broken Bells and The Avalanches – Since I Left You
We rocked into Mandurah for breakfast just as Extra Kings was coming to an end.
A big brekky at Cicerello’s, watched a bit of cricket.
Managed to get home, rather tired, exhausted, and satisfied that an awesome weekend had been had.

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