Driving along in my automobile

And putting the time to good use.
After weeks of not having a washing machine, and waiting (not so) patiently for a spare that was coming from the in-laws rental property we had a washing machine to pick up.
Not the one from the in-laws which we were hanging out for, but one from the Mr’s brother, who had one sitting in their spare room for about the same time that we had been looking for one. The Mr and his brother play golf together on a fairly regular basis, in which time I’m sure they have to talk about something, but it wasn’t until his girlfriend and I were talking and the penny dropped and we now have a washing machine.

A Washing Machine

Sunday mornings at the laundromat had become a little stale. It’s a strange crowd of people waiting for the liquor store to open.

So we had a washing machine, all we had to do was pick it up. So we drove to the in-laws, picked up their trailer, drove to the brothers, picked up the washing machine, dropped it off at home, and then dropped the trailer back. A pretty long round journey. A one dishcloth length journey.
Two Granmother's Favourites
I had picked up this pattern before we set off. It was short enough that I could view it on my phone and easy enough that I wouldn’t have too many dropped stitches to try and pack up whilst driving.

I’m not too happy with the pattern. It’s not really as symmetrical as I would like. The increases and the decreases don’t really match. The grey wool is Homemaker Acrylic from back before I knew what good wool was. It’s really whetted my appetite for washcloths. I like the instant gratification of them. In fact I’ve knitted a few more between Saturday and writing this post.

See how the pattern isn't quite the same on the increases to the decreases.

The finished one in Moda Vera Marvel Orange is for my mumsi. That was started and finished on Sunday. It’s her birthday soon, but after I finished it I remembered I’m meant to be buying her a GPS because it’s her 50th. I might wrap the GPS in a washcloth?

The one on my needles in Moda Vera Marvel Blue is waffle knit dishcloth. I’ve had a bit of trouble with this pattern. I’ve frogged it 3 times now because I missed a pattern row. But my concentration isn’t all that great after 3 wines and watching a game of football which is decided in the last minute.

I wish we had another driving holiday planned. Last years drive to Adelaide and back (7100kms) would have been great for knitting. I don’t think it will take much to convince the Mr to go driving somewhere, it’s just a matter of when.

And just to make it clear (if anyone was thinking otherwise) I’m not actually driving and knitting at the same time. I make a very good passenger.

Trio of Washcloths
Washcloth for Mum (Mom?)
The waffle on the needles


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